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The Swiss Sweet Bun

The Swiss is a sweet bun for breakfast and snacks which began preparing the late nineteenth century, in the Swiss Café, a Madrid cafe.

At present, the brioche has become an essential for any pastry.

Swiss Bollo

The ingredients in this recipe are basic in your pantry When preparing it always should be at room temperature.

In developing a Swiss rolls for 4 or 6 people, you need:

To the main mass:

60 g of milk
60 g flour
8 g of dry baker's yeast
For the rest Bun

60g icing sugar
50 g butter (softened)
1 egg
200 g flour
30 g of milk
Pinch of salt
1 egg to paint
100 gr of brown sugar for dusting
Prepare the main mass

Start heating the milk slightly. When warm, add the dry baker's yeast and sifted flour.

Knead into a paste that does not stick to your hands. Then let it ferment in a covered bowl with a damp cloth.

The main dough is ready when it has doubled in size. You must be patient and wait long enough. * This mass serves to accelerate the growth time remaining dough that needs leaven before baking.

Prepare the Swiss bun

In another large bowl, mix the remaining ingredients: icing sugar, butter, egg, pinch of salt, milk and sifted flour.

Then the sourdough and incorporates all kneaded for 15 minutes.

Book Setup again covered in a warm place with temperature until doubled in volume.

When you take the dough rest, again knead, shape of loop and cut with a knife in portions of about 50 gr.

Give a ball or slightly elongated, each of the portions and place them apart on a baking tray covered with baking paper.

Cover the tray of buns with a cloth and let it ferment. * Have to grow to twice its initial volume.

Finally preheat oven to 200 degrees.

Pinta buns with beaten egg, sprinkle with brown sugar and bake at 200 ° for about 15 minutes.

Get your Swiss rolls and oven, so they are very juicy, let cool on rack, covered with a cloth.

Freshly made are amazing!

What if the dough is sticky like?

Before you start to knead the second preparation you should keep in mind that your hands should be cold, if they are hot is easier than the dough will stick.

Sprinkle the surface of the table with flour, knead your hands well and patting the dough loosely. You must perform this process, patiently, until the dough begins to pull away from your hands. Then let it sit until it takes the body. Add a little more flour only if you see it's a must.

Finally, and if you still remains sticky dough, you can use bread flour to form more league.

We hope have helped you!

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